The European University Championships has finally concluded on Sunday, 23 of July 2017 with an exciting Awards & Closing Ceremony in Milan, at Giuriati Sport Center.


Over 200 participants from 10 Universities from 7 countries took part in this year’s edition of the event.


In men’s final, the title of champions went to Georgian State University SEU, who has won a thrilling final match against Kuban State University (RUS) 25-0.


In women’s final, the title of champion/s went to Universitè Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier, who has won an exciting French derby against Universitè Paris 13 10-0.


Medals and awards were presented by the authorities of EUSA and the Organizing Committee, Haris Pavletic – Vice President of EUSA – and Italo Carli – Chairman of the OC.



1. Georgian State University SEU (GEO)

2. Kuban State University (RUS)

3. University of Rennes (FRA)

4. Universitatea Ecologica de Bucharest (ROM)

5. University of Milan (ITA)

6. University of Coimbra (POR)

7. University of Valencia (ESP)



1. Universitè Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier (FRA)

2. Universitè Paris 13 (FRA)

3. University of Barcelona (ESP)

4. University of Coimbra (POR)

5. University of Milan (ITA)


The men MVP award was given to Ioseb Mathiashvili, from the Georgian State University SEU, while the women MVP award was given to Coralie Bertrand, from Universitè Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier. Awards was presented by EUSA Technical Delegate Jack Jacobs and Assistant of EUSA Technical Delegate Veronika Muehlhofer.


The men fair-play award was given to Kuban State University (RUS), while the women fair-play award went to the hometeam of University of Milan (ITA). Awards was presented by referees manager for Rugby Europe Domenico Sironi. Finally, the EUSA flag was passed to Rui Magalhaes, team manager of University of Coimbra, the organizer of EUG 2018.


The next EUC will take place in Orleans, France, and all teams are warmly welcomed to join the next Rugby 7s tournament!


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